Graphic Design Services

Expert Graphic Design Services Specializing in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver and a little bit of Adobe Illustrator as well.

Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Online Marketing, and traditional Print Media Marketing should all be part of your total marketing strategy. That being said, they all require professional Graphic Design Services in order to make a good first impression.

Are you happy with your business cards?

Do you have fliers and trifolds to distribute to existing customers?

If you are missing out on the easy money part of your business by not remarketing to the customers that have already paid you for a previous order, now is the time to fix that.

If you are not getting great results from marketing, call us!

Onsite Graphic Design at your location = $100 an hour
(3 hour minimum for Onsite Graphic Design Work)
Remote Graphic Design = $60 an hour
(2 hour minimum for Onsite Graphic Design Work)

Monthly Special:
5,000 Business Cards = $99.99 **
400 Business Cards = $59.99 **

** Business Card Graphic Design Special: Full color media designed by us based on a concept and text provided by you. In other words, you find an example that you like and tell us what you want it to say. We provide you with one proof that you can approve as is, or you request minor changes. You may already have an exmple that you like and want to use as a model, or you may want to find one on the internet that you like and ask us to base you design on that. In the that you want to make more changes after the second proof, we may bill you at the hourly rate. We do not offer a 100% "Flat Rate Service" in which we will redesign the file at no charge. Terms for all printed materials are 100% payment up front before design work begins.

Services we offer

Campaign Development - The BIG Picture

Starting with what you have now, or even starting with nothing at all, turn an idea into a brand by choosing the right medium, creating a powerful message and getting in front of the right audience.

Graphic Design - we have been practicing since 1991

Every business needs a Graphic Designer at some point. Whether you need some new Business Cards, Large Format Signage, Full Color Catalogs, Magazine Advertising, or just some Postcards, we can help you effeciently product your files 7 days a week.

Website Upgrades - Turn your website into a Marketing Platform

Websites are a great way to tell people about your business, but many businesses do not have a website that customer's use to conduct business with the company. Does your website tell you who has visitied this week? Does your website generate special offers for customer's who have not been in touch in the last 90 days?

Promotional Items

Reward your best allies with gifts that they will use over and over again. A constant reminder of your undying gratitude.

Campaign Creative

Often overlooked and underappreciated is the importance of quality creative in your marketing campaigns. Email Templates, Landing Pages, Videos, PDF attachments, JPEG Business cards, and background music can bring your campaigns to life and improve customer engagement. Once you have figured out what Marketing Message is the most effective one for the people you want to do business with, it needs to be delivered with polish and professionalism.

Test and Measure the results of your Marketing Effort

Many people say that half the money spent on marketing is wasted, but the key is not to avoid taking risks in the first place, the key is to know what worked and what did not work. If you have no way of testing your marketing campaigns, you have no way to choose which areas need more resources and which marketing ideas need to be eliminated.